Seedlings! and ordering notes

We just added a list of all the plants we are growing for sale this year, with brief descriptions for most of them, to our website. You can see it by clicking this link. We still have grandiose plans of adding beautiful pictures of every variety, but we’re not going to get to that project very soon, so text is all it is for now. We tried to group plants to make it easier to read – vegetables, common herbs and flowers are on the first several pages (tomatoes filled a whole page on their own!), with the less common herbs and house plants on the last few pages for the plant lovers out there wanting to take a deeper dive. We know that a lot of people are planning to have new or bigger gardens this year, and are trying to anticipate that increased demand. But we have already sold out of our first seeding of lettuce six-packs (don’t worry, there will be more coming!), and we expect to run out of other things this season as well. The trick with unprecedented change is that, well, it’s hard to predict just what it is going to mean.

We have also added a current product list for pre-ordering to the website. We are filling orders on Saturday and Wednesday mornings, for pickup after 10am on Saturday or after noon on Wednesday. Orders should be emailed before 8am on Friday or Tuesday for pickup the following day. We will continue to have the Farmstand open on Saturdays from 10am-2pm, with a full selection of our products, and we will be staffing it at that time to get you produce, answer questions, and accept all forms of payment (cash, check, credit, debit, and EBT/SNAP cards). The farmstand is also open everyday on a self-service basis for a more limited product range – meat, eggs, seedlings, and sometimes some vegetables. Self-service payment can be check or cash (change is limited to coins).

You can also use our product list to place orders to pick up at Tuesday Market in Northampton, which is starting next week! (We think – we still haven’t gotten the official green light and new protocols from the Northampton Health Department) Because of constraints on space in our van, we will probably not be able to pack orders before leaving for market, so we may not be able to have orders ready right at opening bell at 1:30pm. We know that things will be different this year at market, and there are a lot of new things that we are having to do to keep everyone safe and healthy. Again, it is hard to predict right now how things are going to go. We will try to check email regularly throughout market to check for new orders.

We hope that you all are staying healthy!


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