We are a diversified farm, with an array of products. While we are not Certified Organic, we are old school organic, with a biologically based farming system that avoids the use of synthetics and toxins. Our growing practices go much deeper than the current industrial USDA Organic standards.

We grow over fifty types of vegetables, including many heirloom varieties which are often better adapted to our local climate and soil conditions than modern hybrids. We save our own seed from several crops and are breeding some of our own varieties.

Home Gardeners are an important part of a local food system! That’s why we grow starts for sale of the same varieties we plant in our own fields.

In step with our ecological principles, we feel that animal power is an appropriate level of mechanization for much of what we do. We use human labor as well as ox and horse power. We are learning from the past while planning for the future to build a truly sustainable system of farming.

We grow several kinds of fruit, including Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries.

To produce a more balanced mix of products for our community, we have begun growing grains and other staple foods, such as dry peas and beans. We have trialed over fifty varieties of heritage wheat to find tasty, nutritious varieties that produce well on our farm.

We feel that livestock are an integral part of a sustainable system of agriculture in this region. We raise cattle, sheep, and chickens on our farm.

Our livestock graze in carefully managed pasture rotations, improving the land and raising healthier livestock. Grazing planted forage crops is a key fertility- building part of our crop field rotation.

Permanent pasture makes use of land not suitable for crops in a way that benefits us while providing great habitat for wildlife.

Grass-fed meat is leaner, healthier, and more flavorful than grain fattened meat. We use no antibiotics or hormones. Our Beef and Lamb is slaughtered humanely in a small, family run, USDA-inspected facility.

Our flock of sheep produces beautiful and naturally colorful wool and wool products.

Crabapple Farm eggs are laid by free ranging hens with access to sunlight, grass, bugs, and organic grain. Pasture raised birds lay eggs of the highest quality.