About us

Crabapple Farm is rooted in principles of ecological stewardship and societal health. It is a family farm, run by Tevis and Rachel Robertson-Goldberg and Sally and Bill Stites-Robertson. We produce a balanced mix of products to nurture our community and our farm.

We believe that Health must be built from the ground up. A healthy society must be based upon healthy people eating healthy food grown in healthy soil.

A personal connection with your food, your farm, and your farmers is the best way to assure a healthy food supply. Our goal as farmers is to grow food not commodities.

We feel that the commodity industry cannot produce truly healthy food due to the disconnect it creates between the field and the plate, the grower and the eater.

Healthy and stable ecosystems are created by symbiotic relationships between diverse plant and animal communities.

Our whole farm plan follows this natural model to enhance the health and productivity of our crops, livestock & fields. We combine the best aspects of Organic, Biodynamic, Permaculture, and traditional farming principles in our farming practices.