We practice Farming as a craft, and put a strong emphasis on skill-based methods, rather than technological fixes. We offer workshops on practical farm and garden topics.

Seed Saving March 22nd, 12:30-1:15  Northampton Winter Market, Smith Voc. High School, Northampton.

This will be an introductory seed saving workshop for beginning and experienced gardeners. We’ll discuss why you should save seed, which crops are easiest to start saving seed from, and how to do it. The workshop is free.

We will probably do some more workshops this year on seed saving, in association with the Hilltown Seed Saving Network.

Other workshop topics that are likely but haven’t been scheduled yet include Scythes and Wheat Harvesting.

Custom workshops are possible, on any of these or other topics. If you want to make sure we do a workshop on a particular topic, let us know. If we know people are interested, a workshop is much more likely to happen.

Other workshop topics we could give include: Soil Fertility, Hand Tools for Farm & Garden, Home Dairying, Oxen, Food Preservation Methods, Animal Husbandry (Chickens, Sheep, and Cattle)


One response to “Workshops

  1. AlotOMaterial

    I’d like to attend the scythe workshop, big surprise! Jennifer Peotter

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