Farmstand opening on Saturdays

Starting on 3/21, our Farmstand will be open and staffed on Saturdays from 10am-2pm with a full selection of our produce and all of our other products. During that time one of us will be available to answer questions and help get things for people, as well as be able to run credit, debit, or EBT card transactions. That would be a great time for folks who receive SNAP benefits to stop by, because we can accept SNAP for meat, eggs, produce, and food producing plants. Produce and food producing plants are additionally eligible for the State’s HIP benefit, which is a great program that we know has been hard for Hilltown residents to take advantage of, due to a lack of staffed farmstands.

Produce that will be available for the next few weeks includes Salad Greens, Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Celeriac, Turnips, Radishes, and Kohlrabi. We have lovely houseplants available, and the first of our vegetable starts are almost ready. We’ll have lettuce and kale six-packs to get your garden started, as well as things like basil and tomato plants that can’t go out yet, for those with nice sunny windows who want to get an early start. As the spring progresses, we will have a wide selection of plants for your garden, as well as an increasing supply of vegetables.

The farmstand will continue to be open on a self-service basis during the rest of the week for meat and eggs and a limited selection of other products. Payment must be by cash or check during self-service hours. If you’re not able to make it during our Saturday hours, do send us an email or call to set up an appointment to pay by card or for help with meat or plants.

One of the reasons why we are making this change is that the Northampton Winter Farmers’ Market, which we’ve been attending on Saturdays, has been cancelled for the remaining six weeks of its season, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. We are hearing that many other indoor Farmers Markets are also closing, or are discussing potentially closing. While we understand the need to reduce large gatherings of people, it is also important for people to have access to fresh, healthy food. Opening our farmstand seems like a great way right now to help people access that food without having to go out to larger venues.


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  1. Aimee Francaes

    Thank you!!

    Aimee Francaes + Jesse Hassinger 213-447-1307 // 213-595-7439 she/her or they/them


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