Product List

This is what we will have available on October 10th!

The farmstand is open, stocked, and staffed on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. 

Eggs, greens, beef, and plants are available on a self-service basis at the farm Friday through Sunday.

This list is current as of 10/9/20.

Tomatoes $3 / pound

Cabbage $2 / pound

Napa Cabbage $5 each

Celeriac (Celery Root, with tops) $3.50 each

Carrots $3 / pound

Potatoes $3 / pound

Herbs $2.50 / bunch

Chard $3 / bunch

Kale $3 / bunch

Salad / Braising Mix $4 per bag (Mild Asian greens: Mizuna & Bekana)

Eggs $5.50 / dozen

Beef: Ground is $7.00 / pound.  Kabob is $9.00/ pound. Various Steaks and Roasts are available at the farm.

We can accept payment by  check or cash (near-exact) in the dropbox at any time, if you need to pay with a Credit, Debit, or EBT card or need us to make change for cash, we are available on Saturday from 10am to 2pm – other times may be possible by arrangement.

Need an order packed for you? Please email us your orders by 8am Saturday. Orders will be packed on Saturday morning, and available for pickup after noon on Saturday. We may not have time to reply to emails on Saturday.