CSA season begins (& a new baby, too!)

Well, this spring is just moving right along. CSA distributions start on Monday! We haven’t quite finished our new farmstand, so unfortunately will be having to use the tent again for the first few distributions. But the farmstand is very close to being finished, so if we are able to find any time to work on it, we should be able to switch over into the new building fairly soon.

Finding time is getting to be a bit tricky. We (Rachel & Tevis) have a new baby – our son Owen was born a week ago, on the morning of Saturday, May 21st. The birth went well and everyone is doing great. Anona is very happy to be a big sister.Anona & Owen

Three Farmer’s Markets per week while trying to get all our crops planted keeps us plenty busy on the farm. This spring has (up until the past couple days) been on the cool and wet side, and a lot of fieldwork has been delayed by rainy weather. We are hoping to get back on track this week, if the weather stays agreeable. Some of our fields have been too wet to till, so we’ve had to move things around on our field plan in order to get crops into the ground in a timely fashion. Some crops we were planning to do for “fun” (like dry beans) might get squeezed out by the more valuable crops, if the fields don’t dry out soon.

We are also getting into haying season (as if we needed something else to keep busy), so hoping that some of this humidity and threats of thunderstorms will clear out so we can mow some hay without fear of it getting rained on.


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2 responses to “CSA season begins (& a new baby, too!)

  1. Congratulations, Rachel & Tevis! Welcome Owen!

  2. Tevis and Rachel –
    Congratulations!!! What a sweet photo.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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