Barn Raising

On last Sunday, the thirteenth, we put up the main part of the frame for our new farmstand. We had a good crowd of friends come out to help with the raising, and it seemed like everyone had a good time. Our friend Ray put a bunch of photos that he took up as a slideshow on youtube, which you can see here:

Rachel’s dad Barry took these:


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2 responses to “Barn Raising

  1. Carol Boyer

    Thanks for posting this. I love news about the people and places who are awake to the real world, to the beauty and productivity of our biosystems who are willing to work so hard and share so much with all of us.

  2. Lucy Fandel

    Hello, I’m delighted that you (we) now have a website. That’s great. I couldn’t be part of the barn raising (had to work) but am glad to see the pictures. I hope enough work got done.

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